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Seriously, I never want to go back to Frankfurt airport. We nearly missed our flight because of how disorganized everything and all the staff were. The staff were just plain rude abd everyone was in a bad mood.

The most ridiculous part was when we were going through security and the guy at security gave me a stern look and gestured to me to remove what was at my stomach area before I walked through the x ray part.


I just said 'I can't! It's a baby!'

He started apologizing profusely. I wad just thinking 'i thought I looked pregnant, but do I look like I have shoved things up my shirt?' oh man, this world is so weird.

So Damien had gone to find good now before we get our flight to kuala lumpur now. He's got the shits today as well from rude people and standing in queues. Ah the joys of travelling. Hes been gone awhile so u doubt he will be in a better mood when he gets back. I still love traveling.. But I like it much better when things go smoothly.

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1 more shift of work before Christmas!!! Yeeeeeha! Tomorrow will be the longest day too though....because all I am going to want is for it to end.

The 2 worst customers today were seriously ones you just look at and think "........". They just flabbergasted me. One was throwing her arms in the air because I got one letter wrong in a name in the computer for a giftcard....seriously if that was the worst thing happenning to her today....I want her life. But I am sure she was very stressed with Christmas shopping and anything was going to set her off.

Then it was really, really busy and a lady turned up with a cover she bought today and her old cover and she wanted us to measure it up to see if it was the same cover........I told her she could have done this at home as there are measurements on the side of the box. Her answer was "I just couldn't do it!" Right...so you come in 3 days before Christmas when we are flat out to waste our time. The cover was perfectly fine fitting.

We have now reached the point where I can see the baby kick from outside my tummy. Usually it happens in the bath, the baby loves the bath. I am loving the feelings of the baby moving inside me, but watching my stomach move is still a bit freaky!

We're watching "The Muppets Christmas Carol" at the moment! Hooray! It makes me kind of sad that in a few days I won't hear Christmas carols again for another 11 months at least. Christmas will be so different next year with baby. I will be able to get into the spirit more with less work shifts and a bub to want to do so much for. I would like to think that the best Christmases are now yet to come with the beginning of this family.

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Oh, by the way, I would really love it if as many of you as possible could please join Movie Critical's Facebook page. I have lost a fewfans over the past few days (only 4), but it stil is a big deal for me when I am working my butt off to get Movie Critical out there and popular. It's all my movie reviews and general chat about movies. I would really appreciate it guys!